2018 LinkedIn Updates That Will Help Your Consulting Business
Published on 2018-08-10 By Nelson Rony 
Hey there, you’re reading this because you want to stay up to date on how to use one of the most powerful platforms for Consultants & Coaches: LinkedIn. Not many platforms exist like this one, which, when used correctly can be the foundation of your Consulting Business. 

Here are some new ways LinkedIn is empowering the Consulting Industry:

1. International Market Mapping On LinkedIn (Sales Navigator)

Not often has there been a platform with so much data. This data will inevitably include many of the professionals in your addressable market. As consultants in the 21st Century you are no longer confined to your city and can truly adopt a statewide, nationwide and even global perspective. 

So, depending on your niche... leveraging LinkedIn’s sales tool to quickly map out your Ideal Prospects in different cities, states, countries can be extremely valuable. 

You’ll be able to put a digital fence around your addressable market which gives you, almost, an omniscient perspective by understanding where your best opportunities for business lie. For many consultants who may not have a robust CRM, this can act as a lightweight system to organize all of your prospective customers. The best part is, unlike a stale CRM, this system is constantly updating in real time!

Simply begin your Advanced Lead Search in Sales Navigator and click Save Search to start organizing your addressable market in different territories.
LinkedIn Sales Navigator
2. Increase The Value Of Your Offering With Trigger Events

Credibility is king, this holds even more truth in the Consulting & Coaching industry. How can you portray to your prospective customer that you should be the one for them to choose. 

This all starts with how you are presenting your offer to your market. Many are using their profile, reviews and referrals as ways to prove their credibility. These are all important pieces of the puzzle, but how can you go beyond your restricted circle of reviews and personal profile? Outbound is the answer. 

And now, with Trigger Events that are proactively getting pushed to you about the prospects in your market --> you can appear more credible than ever. You can reach out to your qualified prospects by leading with a piece of information that is relevant to them specifically. 

Timing is everything…. imagine a scenario where you can send your offer to all the qualified leads who, in the last week, just changed jobs, posted on Linkedin, or were mentioned in the news. You automatically will differentiate from the rest of the stale emails in their inbox and increase your response rate by 10X.
3. Increase Recurring Business Opportunities with TAGS

With so much focus on new business and customer acquisition, we can often forget that some of our easiest revenue opportunities lie with our past customers. These are customers who you’ve invested time and built a relationship with so it behooves one to stay on top of these relationships. If you don’t have a system to stay engaged with them and instead rely on them informing you about changes... you may be in the dark on some of your easiest revenue opportunities. 

With LinkedIn Sales Navigator’s TAG system you can quickly organize your current and past customers to stay on top of their movements within their industry. Simply save & tag your customers profile and they’ll be organized in your Saved Leads list which you can refer to weekly or monthly to identify which customers may be in a new situation which could benefit from your service.