3 Tips To Becoming A Thought Leader On LinkedIn
Published on 2018-08-12 By Nelson Rony 
LinkedIn is the leading place for professionals building their personal brand and positioning themselves as thought leaders.

How do I position myself as a thought leader? Where do I start? 

If you are similar to the many consultants and coaches I’ve spoken and worked with, you’ve put in work to make your LinkedIn profile stand out and may even have a content schedule in place to add value to your network’s home feed. 

But how can you broadcast your signal across the LinkedIn universe to gain more traction for your business? Here are 3 Tips I’ve learned from my time at LinkedIn:

1. #Hashtags

Are you sharing content to your network? (if no, stop reading and start your Content Schedule) 

If yes, make sure you are integrating powerful Hashtags so you will automatically be indexed within these new lists. LinkedIn users can now follow Hashtags, and by doing a little research you can understand which ones are the most popular with your prospects and amplify your reach by including them on your next post.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator
2. Leverage LinkedIn Groups

Do extensive research on what groups your potential clients are engaging with the most. Take notes on what posts / articles are receiving the most engagement from group members. Join all relevant groups to get exposure and access to group members. 

Regularly add value to the conversation without promoting yourself, group members can sniff out someone trying to do this which can hurt your brand and credibility. 
3. Use Sales Navigator to Grow Your Network

Many of my clients constrict themselves by only using regular LinkedIn, which over the years has become more and more of a confined prison which limits your reach to only your network. 

Even if your network is in the thousands, LinkedIn has over 550+ Million users! Albeit, not all of these are going to be relevant profiles, but there is certainly a bigger piece of the pie you are missing if you don’t tap into LinkedIn’s entire database. 

The best way to begin this journey is with Sales Navigator.