4 Ways to Engage With Your Prospects Effectively
Published on 2018-08-15 By Arshan Kapanpour 
1. Use InMails…. The Right Way

With the majority of correspondence still being delivered via E-mails, InMails provide you with a new channel to nurture your relationships. Too many times, I’ve worked with clients who will use InMails like an Email and wonder why they don’t work…

When used correctly, InMail response rates should fall between 15 - 30%. What does used correctly mean? 

Use this medium like you would a letter, it should feel like a personalized note. Maybe even more important is the prospects you use these messages on… make sure you are sending them to prospects who are active on the platform to increase your chances for a reply. 
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2. Liking, Commenting & Sharing

Sometimes sending a message or email is not necessary. Instead use a powerful social action like “liking” someones recent post or update. In today’s society, driven by an obsession with likes and followers, using this to your advantage will increase your chances of getting noticed. 

What happens when you get noticed? Well, your prospect will be visiting your profile, which is an excellent Inbound Opportunity or reason to leverage an InMail message to start a conversation. 
3. Invite Them To Your Network and Add Value

One of the best ways to engage your prospects effectively is by reaching out to them via a connection request and positioning yourself as someone who will be adding value to their day to day. 

The key here is to actually deliver on this promise, and have a system in place to follow through on this virtual handshake which is founded on trust.

4. Leverage A Mutual Connection

Sometimes people forget that at its core LinkedIn is a networking platform. This means that the web of connections you’ve amassed over the years can oftentimes be your most powerful asset. 

Understanding where these overlaps lay in your market can make developing new relationships as easy as asking for an introduction or simply mentioning the mutual connection. 

Just like InMail’s there is a right and wrong way to ask for a mutual connection. Be sure to provide context to your introducer and give them the possibility to decline if they do not feel comfortable.

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