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The Windy Road To Personalization At Scale
Published on 2018-09-25 By Nelson Rony
Flash back 30 years ago and sales was done face to face, personalization at its purest form. Preparing your talking points, your questions, your prepared answers to potential objections for that one prospect you were going to be meeting or hoping to schedule a meeting with.
The #1 Way To Generate Business From LinkedIn's 560+ Million Database Of Professionals
Published on 2018-09-05 By Nelson Rony
This LinkedIn world is huge... 562 Million users is the equivalent of every single person in Northern and Central America being on LinkedIn… the entire population of a combined 10 countries! Yet, the average LinkedIn user can only access a sliver of this data as they are put against two major restrictions...
Lead Gen vs. Conversion Tracking
Published on 2018-07-31 By Arshan Kapanpour
If you use LinkedIn for B2B marketing, Conversion Tracking and Lead Gen Forms are powerful tools to help increase your campaign ROI. Both features can be useful if you’re trying to generate actionable data. Depending on what you’re trying to do, however, the two systems have different features that can be more or less helpful to your goal.
Customizing your LinkedIn Feed to Maximize Opportunities and Convenience
Published on 2018-07-27 By Nelson Rony
Linkedin heeded your call for increased customization on your feed earlier this year. These changes are not only aesthetic in nature. Regarding the interface, it's now easier for you to manage your network, interact with clients and prospects, broaden your professional horizons, and improve your career options. 
5 Sales Navigator Prospecting Tips on LinkedIn You Don’t Know About
Published on 2018-07-20 By Nelson Rony
The year is 2025, you are leading a sales team or are a sales rep yourself, and have a quota to reach. You login to LinkedIn Sales Navigator and input your ICP (ideal client profile) in the search bar and hit SEARCH. From the now over 1 Billion Profiles worldwide, you are given a focused lead list in the accounts or territories you desire.